How to search for grants

Grants aren’t about supporting your organisation as a whole. They are about specific projects within your organisation. If you are a sports club, look for grants that support the projects you want to see happen. If you need a new club room with new change rooms, you might get better results by looking in the Infrastructure Sector.

4 easy steps to get the results you want

Your filter selections will appear above the search results.

Remember: Less is more! The more different categories of filter you make, the less results you’ll get.

Search tips

Using a keyword means you might be missing things relevant to you that use a similar, but different word. Try using some filter categories instead.

Don’t use a keyword if you can use a filter. Eg. Don’t type ‘sport’ into the keyword. Go to ‘Sector>Sports’.

Use one word at a time.

You will get a better result if the word appears in the program name or the short description on the results page.

Start out with Activity then add an Industry to narrow it down to less results if needed. Select an activity that applies to your project. The more Activity options selected, the more search results you will receive. Now refine your search by selecting from the remaining drop down choices from Industry, Loca