Significant Sporting Events


This program aims to assist sporting, community and event organisations to deliver significant sporting events in Victoria.

It is designed to encourage:
- Attract and retain national and international sporting events to Victoria that enhance the reputation of the state as a host of events.
- Showcase elite level sport.
- Support and provide high performance pathways.
- Align with and support state and national sporting bodies strategic plans.
- Build capacity in sports and regional communities to attract larger national and international sporting events in future years.
- Encourage participation and sport development programs.
- Strengthen a sport’s position on the national and international stage.
- Support Victoria’s visitor economy through economic benefits and branding opportunities.
- Provide opportunities for Victorian teams and individuals to compete on home soil.

There are two funding streams available:
1. Event Assistance:
- To assist with the general operational costs associated with hosting events.
- Grants of up to $20,000 are available.

2. Event Development:
- For developing or expanding events, or for events seeking funding to assist with high operational costs (more than $200,000).
- Typically, funding of up to $150,000 per event will be available to event organisers. Higher amounts will be considered on a case by case basis.

Applications must be received a minimum of six months prior to the commencement of the event. Please refer to the Guidelines for the assessment dates.

Applicants must discuss their event proposal with the Events Unit of Sport and Recreation Victoria prior to submitting their application.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants include:
- Private event organisations (sanctioned or supported by a national sporting organisation and/or a State sporting association)
- National sporting organisations (must be recognised by the Australian Sports Commission)
- State sporting associations (must be recognised by Sport and Recreation Victoria)
- Venues
- Local government authorities
- Other not for profit organisations (sanctioned or supported by a national sporting organisation and/or a State sporting association)
- Local sporting clubs and associations (must be affiliated with the state sporting association recognised by Sport and Recreation Victoria)
- Sport conference organisers

Eligible applicants must:
- Be an incorporated body, cooperative or association (including business associations).
- Possess an Australian Business Number (ABN).
- Be financially solvent.

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities include:
- International or national open championships
- International or national youth or masters events
- International or national events for disadvantaged groups
- International or national events for culturally diverse groups
- One-off international or national sporting matches
- Events that support the outcomes of a State and/or national body strategic plan

In addition, the Victorian government has a focus on hosting events in regional Victoria. Consideration may also be given to events that are not at a national or international level, but are held in regional Victoria and:
- Attract large numbers of participants.
- Have demonstrable impacts on the local economy.
- Generate significant media coverage and publicity for the region in outlets that are external to that region.

Applications may relate to single sport or multi-sport events.

Main Assessment Criteria

The main assessment criteria include the extent to which the applicant demonstrate how the event meets some or all of the following criteria:
- Showcases elite level sport.
- Supports or provides high performance pathways.
- Aligns with or assists in meeting outcomes of a State or national body’s strategic plan.
- Builds capacity within the sport.
- Raises awareness of the sport.
- Provides participation and sport development opportunities.
- Improves liveability, particularly in regional Victoria.
- Contributes to the Victorian visitor economy through economic benefit and branding opportunities.


The following are ineligible for funding:
- Events that have received funding through the government’s Major Events Fund.
- Costs of event bids.
- Events that conclude after 30 June 2018.
- Events that do not have the support of the State or national sporting association, or applicable international body (where relevant).
- Events staged outside of Victoria.
- Prize money.
- Purchase of assets (including buildings and vehicles).
- Appearance fees.
- Travel by teams or individuals to events.
- Direct funding of individuals or organisations that do not have an appropriate legal status such as being incorporated.
- Organisations that have failed to complete any previous projects funded by Sport and Recreation Victoria or by the Community Support Fund, without demonstrating sufficient cause.
- The purchase of land (any underlying asset created by a funded activity is to be owned by the Federal, State or local governments or a non-profit community organisation).
- Routine or ongoing maintenance activities.
- Events that have already started at the time of the application, or events that will commence less than four months after an application is received (subject to the discretion of the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure).
- Recurrent operating costs, for example rent and utility costs.
- Events that do not meet the criteria of a significant sporting event.

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  • Business Support
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