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Next Generation Technologies Fund – Small Business Innovation Research for Defence (SBIRD)


This program aims to provide an opportunity for Australia's small to medium enterprises (SMEs) to undertake research projects which have potential for future Defence application. It seeks to encourage a new generation of innovators in developing breakthrough technologies for the Australian Defence Force.

SBIRD projects:
- May relate to specific challenges identified by Defence, or have a broader scope across an emerging technology field with potential for disruptive innovation.
- Are research intensive and address future-focused challenges aligned with DST strategic direction and work programs.

The SBIRD Framework comprised two stages:
1. Stage 1
- Specific challenges will be identified for each round, addressing a future Defence problem. Initial funding will allow research to be undertaken to assess the feasibility of the idea.
- Funding between $100,000 and $150,000 is available.
- An initial funding pool of up to $900,000 is available in Stage 1 of the topic within Australia, which is expected to fund five to seven proposals.
- Application opened 28 November and closed 1 February 2019.

2. Stage 2
- Further funding will be provided for research into testing the idea against the application (potentially proof of concept). Depending on the status of the technology, an invited proposal for Stage 2 might be taken up within SBIRD as a research-based project, or taken up by the Defence Innovation Hub for maturation and accelerated commercialisation.
- Funding between $200,000 and $350,000 is available.
- An initial funding pool of up to $1 million is available. It is expected up to three to five proposals will be funded.
- Application opened 8 October and closes 31 January 2020.

The topic for the current funding opportunity is 'A Joint Effort – Integrating Advanced Materials onto Military Platforms'. This funding is part of a joint initiative between Australia’s Defence Science and Technology and the United Kingdom’s Defence and Security Accelerator to uncover innovative joining technologies that address the challenging demands of the defence environment.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants include Australian small businesses and universities.

Applicants must hold an Australian Business Number (ABN) or a New Zealand Business Number (NZBN) to participate in the procurement.

Eligible Activities

Eligible activities include innovative technologies that will help to expedite the insertion of advanced materials into platforms, through innovations in joining technologies. SBIRD and DASA are seeking proposals that will deliver innovations in joining technology to enable the use of advanced materials on military platforms. Innovations should address the challenging demands of the defence environment and must therefore:
- Improve the durability of structures and joints to reduce failure and maintainability issues.
- Enable new design choices to be made for future military platforms to maintain a capability advantage.
- Provide new routes to create and manage joints across the life-cycle of a military platform.

Please refer to the website for the complete list of the eligible activities.

Main Assessment Criteria

The main assessment criteria include:
- The proposal outlines how it meets the scope of the competition.
- The proposal fully explains in all three sections of the SBIRD / DASA submission service how it meets the SBIRD/DASA criteria.
- The proposal clearly details a financial plan, a project plan and a resourcing plan to complete the work proposed in phase (stage) 1.
- The proposal identifies the need (or not) for Research Ethics approval.
- The proposal identifies any GFM required for phase (stage) 1.
- Maximum value of proposal is $150,000.

  • Start-up
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing
  • Export
  • Business Support
Documentation Uploaded
Web Overview 2019-11-04 Download
Brochure 2018-06-15 Download
How the Proposal is Assessed 2018-11-28 Download
Research Contract 2018-11-28 Download

Use these documents as a guide only - always get the latest direct from the Administrator

Status Open
Opening Date 8 Oct 2019
Start By Date 17 Jan 2020
Closing Date 31 Jan 2020
Closing Information
This program is available annually. Please see the Overview for the closing details.

Funding Type Grant
Max.Funding $350,000
Total Funding Pool $1M
Co-contribution Yes
Competitive Yes
Eligible Activities
Innovation and R&D
Who Can Apply?
Difficulty Rating
Tier Federal
Department of Defence
Program Administrator
Defence Science and Technology Group (DST Group)