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Global Innovation Strategy


This programme aims to improve Australia’s international innovation and science collaboration.

The programme is comprised of the following initiatives:
1. Landing Pads
- Designed to provide market-ready startups with a short-term (90 day) operational base located in one of five global innovation hotspots.
- Five Landing Pads will be established. San Francisco and Tel Aviv are operational with, Berlin, Shanghai and Singapore to be launched soon.
- A total funding pool of $11.2 million is allocated for this initiative.
- The 2019-20 closing dates are:
a) Round 3 (2018-19): Opened 9 March and closed 26 May 2019
b) Round 1: Opened 21 May and closes 7 October 2019
c) Round 2: Opens 8 October and closes 10 February 2020
d) Round 3: Opens 11 February and closes 18 May 2020

2. Global Connections Fund
- Aims to enable Australian small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) and researchers to explore collaboration projects with international partners in industries of strategic growth in Australia.
- There are two types of grants under the Fund:
a) Priming Grants are small grants of around $7,000 to enable Australian SMEs and Australian researchers to meet and collaborate with international partners to further develop their ideas. Application opened 5 February and closed 19 February 2018. There will be no Priming Grant round in 2019.
b) Bridging Grants are follow-on grants of up to $50,000 designed as seed funding capital to enable viable projects to grow in scope and scale, test commercialisation and proof-of-concept activities. Application opened 3 June and closed 17 June 2019, 5pm AEST.
- A total funding pool of $4.9 million is allocated for this Fund.

3. Global Innovation Linkages Programme
- Seeks to assist Australian businesses and researchers to collaborate with global partners on strategically focused, leading-edge research and development projects.
- A total funding pool of $16.5 million, with up to $1 million per grant over a maximum of four years is available.
- Available biennially. Current round closed on 14 November 2018, 5pm AEDT.

4. Regional Collaborations Programme
- Aims to build strong regional linkages in the Asia-Pacific by funding multi-partner activities that facilitate greater science, research and innovation collaboration in delivering innovative solutions to shared regional challenges.
- A total funding pool of $3.2 million is available.
- The closing dates are:
a) Round 1: 16 January 2017
b) Round 2: 30 November 2018

A total funding pool of $36 million is available over four years.

Who Can Apply?

Please refer to the individual sub-programmes for the specific eligibility requirements.

Eligible Activities

Please refer to the individual sub-programmes for the specific eligible activities.

Main Assessment Criteria

Please refer to the individual sub-programmes for the specific assessment criteria.

  • Start-up
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing
  • Export
  • Business Support
Documentation Uploaded
Program Overview 2018-05-05 Download
Fact Sheet 2018-05-05 Download

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Status Open
Closing Information
Please see the Overview for the closing details.

Funding Type Grant
Total Funding Pool $36M
Co-contribution Yes
Competitive Yes
Eligible Activities
Training / Employment
Start-up / Establishment
Innovation and R&D
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General - Non-Industry Specific
Difficulty Rating
Tier Federal
Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
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Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
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