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Export Market Development Grants (EMDG)


This program aims to encourage small and medium sized Australian businesses to develop export markets. It is a key Australian Government financial assistance program for aspiring and current exporters which supports a wide range of industries.

The program reimburses up to 50% of eligible export promotion expenses above $5,000 provided that the total expenses are at least $15,000. It provides up to eight grants to each eligible applicant (do not need to be in consecutive years).

EMDG supports eight categories of promotional activities, including:
- Overseas representatives (up to $200,000)
- Marketing consultants (up to $50,000)
- Marketing visits (65% of first-class airfares and an allowance of $350 per day, capped at 21 days)
- Free samples (up to $15,000)
- IP registration and related insurance (up to $50,000)
- Trade fairs, seminars, in-store promotions
- Promotional literature and advertising
- Overseas buyers (a total of $7,500 per buyer per visit, totalling $45,000 per application)

The maximum grant for eligible applicants is $150,000, subject to funds available in the scheme.

Members of related company groups may apply individually. The maximum payable to a group of related companies in total is $250,000 per annum.

Grants will be paid under a split-payment system in two rounds:
- Round 1: An initial payment of grant entitlements up to the initial payment ceiling amount.
- Round 2: A second-tranche payment of grant entitlements above the initial payment ceiling amount.

A total funding pool of $137.9 million is available per year.

Applicants can use an approved EMDG Quality Incentive Program (QIP) Consultant who can lodge a claim on their behalf until midnight (AEDT) of 28 February.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants include any Australian individual, partnership, company, association, co-operative, statutory corporation or trust that has carried on export promotion activities during the year for which they seek an export grant can apply. The business must have:
- Income of not more than $50 million in the grant year.
- Incurred at least $15,000 of eligible expenses under the scheme (first-time applicants can combine two years expenses).
- Principal status for the export business (some exceptions apply, such as non-profit export-focused industry bodies).
- Have promoted one of the following:
a) The export of goods or most services.
b) Inbound tourism.
c) The export of intellectual property and know-how.
d) Conferences and events held in Australia.

Certain organisations and groups, who would not otherwise be eligible to apply for a grant under the general provisions of the EMDG Act can obtain approved status to enable them to apply for a grant in their own right. The two categories of approved status available are:
- Approved Body: An export-focused peak industry association promoting on behalf of its industry.
- Joint Venture: A group of small to medium Australian businesses cooperating in a joint venture-style marketing arrangement.

Please refer to the Eligibility Checklist for the complete eligibility requirements.

Eligible Activities

Eligible products must be one of the following:
- A good made in Australia.
- A good made outside Australia where Australia will derive a significant net benefit from its sale overseas.
- A service except those specified as ineligible in the EMDG Regulations.
- A tourism service (including accommodation, passenger transport or tours).
- A event held in Australia.
- An intellectual property right that mainly resulted from work done in Australia.
- A trade mark first used in Australia, or which has significantly increased in value from its use in Australia.
- Know-how that mainly resulted from work done in Australia.

Please refer to EMDG in Brief for the list of ineligible expenses and exports.

  • Start-up
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing
  • Export
  • Business Support
Documentation Uploaded
EMDG in Brief 2017-12-07 Download
Guide to Export 2017-12-07 Download
Approved Body Requirements 2017-12-07 Download
Fact Sheet - Performance Measure 2017-12-07 Download
IP Registration and Related Insurance 2017-12-07 Download
Guide to Record Keeping 2017-12-07 Download
Eligibility Checklist 2018-06-27 Download
Approved Joint Venture Status 2018-06-27 Download
Guide to Applying 2018-06-27 Download
Applicant Declaration 2018-06-27 Download
Consultant Declaration 2018-06-27 Download
EMDG at a Glance 2018-06-27 Download

Use these documents as a guide only - always get the latest direct from the Administrator

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Status Pending
Opening Date 1 Jul 2018
Start By Date 30 Aug 2018
Closing Date 30 Nov 2018
Closing Information
This program is available annually with rounds opening in 1 July and closing 30 November each year. The next funding round is yet to be announced.

Funding Type Grant
Min.Funding $5,000
Max.Funding $150,000
Total Funding Pool $137.9M
Co-contribution Yes
Competitive No
Eligible Activities
Who Can Apply?
General - Non-Industry Specific
Difficulty Rating
Tier Federal
Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Program Administrator
Australian Trade Commission (Austrade)
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