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Events South Australia – Live Music Events Fund


This program seeks to support live music events and festivals with the potential to grow into major tourist attractions.

The objectives of the program are to:
- Elevate Adelaide’s recognition as a UNESCO City of Music through activating our live music events calendar, with more festivals and events during winter and spring.
- Mitigate the financial barriers experienced by promoters in the first two years of staging a new live music event.
- Attract unique music events to South Australia which generate economic activity, provide local jobs and support local musicians.
- Provide support to events that have the capacity to build their audiences, transform into major tourist draw cards and are financially sustainable.

Sponsorship through this program is in line with the applicants' ability to meet the criteria outlined in the Guidelines. Events South Australia and the South Australian Tourism Commission also offer in-kind support in areas of marketing, public relations, operations and event management expertise. In-kind support is considered on a case-by-case basis as no two events are the same.

A total funding pool of $1.35 million is available over three years.

Event proponents are encouraged to contact and/or meet with Events South Australia’s Business Development team to discuss their proposal prior to submitting an application.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants include proponents/promoters who present a strong business case for a new music event/festival which has the capacity to be sustainable.

Eligible Activities

Eligible events must:
- Support the State’s strategic plan and economic priorities and/or relates to the State’s tourism initiatives as highlighted in the South Australian Tourism Plan 2020.
- Be underpinned by South Australia’s brand proposition and values.
- Relate or appeal to live music audiences and have the potential to engage with audiences greater than 1,000 people.

Main Assessment Criteria

The main assessment criteria include:
- Event has the potential to grow into a major tourist attraction.
- Generates event-specific visitor expenditure from intrastate, interstate and/or overseas.
- Generates media coverage in the State, nationally or internationally.
- Exclusive to South Australia.
- Timing – contributes to a balanced event calendar – event is held outside of peak event times (January – March) or in winter or spring.
- Strategic social, cultural or community significance to the State.
- Supports government invested and upgraded infrastructure.
- Provides a legacy which positively impacts on the community.
- Financial viability – sustainable management model.

  • Start-up
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing
  • Export
  • Business Support
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