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AgriFutures Australia – Research & Development Program


This program aims to increase knowledge that fosters sustainable, productive new and existing rural industries and further understanding of national rural issues through research and development in government-industry partnership.

AgriFutures Australia investments are driven by RD&E plans that address the needs of industries and stakeholders, and ensure the priorities are industry and government-driven.

The current funding opportunities are:
1. Thoroughbred Horse Program
- Seeks to support priority research, development and extension activities to address thoroughbred industry challenges and opportunities.
- The program is funded by statutory levies paid by industry participants which are matched dollar-for-dollar by the Australian Government (up to 0.5% of the industry’s GVP). The levy will be set at a rate of $10/mare covered per season, paid by the stallion owner and $10/mare returned per season, paid by the broodmare owner.
- Application opened 12 August and closed 12 September 2019, 12pm

2. Pasture Seeds Program
- Aims to fund projects that reflect and respond to industry needs and concerns.
- Key components of this program include improving seed production and processing efficiencies and investing in pasture seed market development.
- Application opened 12 August and closed 18 September 2019, 12pm

3. Honey Bee and Pollination Program
- Aims to support RD&E that will ensure a productive, sustainable and more profitable Australian beekeeping industry and secure the pollination of Australia’s horticultural and agricultural crops.
- Key components of this program include increasing productivity and profitability of beekeepers, reducing the incidence and impact of pests and diseases, and increasing understanding of the role of flora in honey bee management.
- Application opened 12 August and closed 3 October 2019, 12pm

4. Chicken Meat Program
- The key components of the Chicken Meat Program are increasing productivity and efficiency of production, and delivering safe food and good animal welfare outcomes.
- The funding round dates are:
a) Round 1: Opened 2 September ad closed 10 October 2019
b) Round 2: Opened 1 December and closes 4 February 2020
c) Round 3: Opens 2 March and closes 15 April 2020

5. Emerging Industries
- Aims to increase the production capacity and value of their industries by applying research, development and extension (RD&E) to overcome technical and biological constraints.
- Investment opportunities being offered are:
a) Building Early Stage Clusters - up to $50,000 are available
b) Building Industry Capability - up to $200,000 are available per annum
c) Expanding Industry Potential - up to $200,000 are available per annum
- Applications opened 27 September and closed 25 October 2019, 12noon AEDT

Applicants must be familiar with the Research Agreement before lodging Preliminary Research Proposals (PRPs), and are advised to seek legal advice on it before lodging a PRP.

Researchers are strongly advised to contact the program administrator of each program prior to submitting a proposal.

Who Can Apply?

Eligible applicants include research organisations who can help address AgriFutures' current research priorities.

Researchers must complete the checklist prior to the submission being accepted:
- If the project requires statistical analysis, has a qualified statistician been engaged to undertake project design and data analyses?
- Is the Principal Investigator an early career researcher (less than five years since postgraduate study completion)?
- Has the proposal been discussed with AgriFutures Australia?
- Has the proposal been discussed with people in the program industry?
- Does the proposal identify if the work potentially relates to the program objective?
- Does the proposal clearly identify who will be undertaking the bulk of the work (might not necessarily be the Principal Investigator)?
- Does the proposal clearly articulate what the applied outcome for industry will be? (even if it is a long-term applied project there should still be a focus on an applied outcome).
- Does the proposal clearly outline what the potential process might be for identifying extension opportunities? (Excluding publications and opportunities for presenting the work at conferences).
- Does the proposal take into consideration where the international expertise is in the area of research?
- The Principal Investigator must comply with the application process within Clarity.

Collaboration with other research providers to build the critical research mass necessary to meet the objectives are encouraged.

Eligible Activities

Eligible projects include those that address the following:
1. Thoroughbred Horse Program
- Continue to improve breeding outcomes and foal health and development.
- Reduce the incidence and impact of diseases and parasites in horses.
- Improve the safety of industry participants and the welfare of horses and enhance the sustainability of the industry.
- Industry planning, economic benefit studies and market research.
- Reduce injury and breakdown of horses in work and training.

2.Pasture Seeds Program
- Sustainable certified temperate pasture seed production.
- Connectivity and communication.
- Building industry capability and capacity.

3. Honey Bee and Pollination Program
- Reduce the incidence and impact of pests and diseases on the beekeeping and pollination services industries.
- Increase the productivity and profitability of beekeepers.
- Increase understanding of the role of flora in honey bee Management.
- Understand the role of pollination in delivering more productive systems.
- Promote extension, communication and capacity building.

4. Chicken Meat Program
- Increase the productivity and efficiency of chicken meat production
- Deliver safe food and good animal welfare outcomes
- Manage the environment for sustainable development
- Create foundations for the future, including capacity and market insight
- Ensure research adoption via extension and communication

Please refer to the website for the complete list of eligible projects for each program.

Main Assessment Criteria

The main assessment criteria include whether the proposals clearly indicate the following:
- The project benefits for growers.
- The objectives and outcomes of the proposed project and the link to the RD&E objectives.
- Who will be undertaking the majority of the work, including statistical analysis (it must be clear if new staff and/or students are to be employed to undertake the work).
- The plan for extension of research outcomes from the project activity work (i.e. beyond distribution of summaries and conference presentations).
- Where relevant, proposals should include collaboration with experts in the field, which may not be located in Australia.
- The researcher’s understanding of past research in this field.

  • Start-up
  • Research & Development
  • Marketing
  • Export
  • Business Support
Documentation Uploaded
Chicken Meat Program Five-Year RD&E Plan 2019-09-03 Download
Interim Thoroughbred Five Year RD&E Plan 2017-2022 2018-11-27 Download
Clarity Request for New User 2018-08-15 Download
Honey Bee and Pollination Program Five Year RD&E Plan 2014-15 - 2018-19 2019-08-14 Download
Approving a Preliminary Research Proposal 2018-08-15 Download
Pasture Seeds Program RD&E Plan 2019-2023 2019-08-14 Download
Research Agreement 2018-08-15 Download
Submitting a Preliminary Research Proposal 2018-08-15 Download

Use these documents as a guide only - always get the latest direct from the Administrator