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GrantGuru provides the only comprehensive and up-to-date list of funding programs for business in Australia. It’s searchable, updated daily and easy to understand. We’ll keep you in control of a mountain of information, and give you what you need, when you need it.

We have 2 simple ways to help you:

Join the growing community of consultants just like you that are using GrantGuru to have a greater impact and create new revenue streams.

Your clients need you

Helping your clients with grants opens up a world of opportunity to discuss their other needs. Discussing funding leads to other interesting topics. What’s more, grants usually lead to discussion around strategy, finance, accounting, legal issues, capital raising, intellectual property and much, much more. Hopefully, you can help with those too!

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Well, that’s a no brainer – its costs us (a lot!) to supply this great service and if you are supplying the data on to your clients for free, it means we don’t receive their subscription; which means it’s harder to keep it running.  BUT, signing up is worth it. We know from experience: when consultants use our service, they win more clients, create new revenue streams and have happier clients.

It means no more copy and paste!! We have developed a tool that allows you to extract grants data quickly and easily. We call them Grant Strategy Reports. A professionally formatted and labelled report can be produced within minutes, listing all grants and incentive programs relevant to your client’s business or project requirements. You can create and save as many client reports as you like and the data is automatically updated every time that program changes.

It’s a personalised grants portal for your firm with your brand, look and feel, that provides a grants discovery solution for staff. We update and fully maintain the site and all of the data.

Your staff can receive tailored email alerts when a grant is relevant for their preference settings.

We tailor training according to your needs. We can educate your team on:

  • How grants work.
  • How to promote your grants offering.
  • How to get the best value out of your pro licence.
  • How to search for grants.
  • How to write grants.