About Us

Who are we?

GrantGuru is a team of grant specialists. We know how grants work, where to find them and how to successfully apply for them. Our team has experience assessing grant applications, advising policy makers and also submitting grant applications. Previously, we have secured over $500 million in grants. Now, we focus on sharing our knowledge, and creating systems so that others can be effective.

GrantGuru is built by an Australian business to support Australian business.

What do we do?

We think the biggest problem in winning grants is finding the right ones and understanding how they work. Our aim is to bring you the most useful information about grants, so you know what is available, whether you should apply and what to do. Of course, there are other challenges, such as grant writing, which is why we provide you with access to our own personal grant writing network – that is, the effective grant writers that we personally use and rely on. And just for the record, they don’t pay to be on our list, it’s by invitation only

How we do it?

We use real people to painstakingly collect real data and information. We don’t scrape websites because grant programs need intelligent consideration and assessment. We use researchers that examine grant data, talk to administrators and translate that information into a consistent format, with consistent language in a way that is meaningful for you. We have 1000’s of sources and contacts and we draw information from over 100 government departments.